Join THE Movement Designed To Turn Your Marketing Into Motivational Hours That Leads Your Target Market To the Door Of Your Products

Did you know the internet has 4.6 billion pieces of content published every day?

The old way of marketing didn’t need a lot of strategy, because social media algorithms favored ALL content to grow their users.

Now with the over abundance of content, 4.6 billion pieces daily, hitting their platforms each and every day, and users growing without marketing, the algorithms favors what the users tell them they want based on WHAT and HOW they are consuming the content.

This means that entrepreneurs need a content strategy that will stop the scroll and capture the users attention.

“The purpose of a piece of content is to inspire movement.”

Dollie Freeman, Founder of 1000 Motivational Hours Movement


The NEW way of marketing is to create content where your market is right NOW and motivate them to consume content that will move them to where you want them to go, one piece of content at a time.

“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.” John D. Rockefeller

If you are still creating your content in these areas the same way you did years ago, but not seeing the results you expected, then you KNOW you need to shift to creating content the NEW way…


Ongoing content is vital for you to grow and scale your business, but it is even more important that your content motivates your market to action.


Social content is how you get noticed by your target market, but automating it all will NEVER grow you the way you desire because social media is meant to be SOCIAL.


Email content is the most valuable for your business but your strategy can’t only be for when you’re ‘in launch mode’, or you’ll lose your warmest leads.


Product content needs to be your BEST content designed in levels if you desire to experience word of mouth referrals and convert RECURRING cleints.

Marketing Must Motivate Or You’re Wasting Your Time With Buried Content


“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing—that’s why we recommend it daily.” Zig Ziglar

Surrounding yourself with movement makers who are being intentional about the exact same thing you’re being intentional about is the power of community around ONE idea. 

In this case, our community is being intentional about surrounding ourselves with coaches who are ready to be movement makes … TOGETHER, regardless if you’re starting, growing, or scaling your business.

That is why the 1000 Motivational Hours includes equipping resources for Coaches who desire to be consistent in their intentions. 


1000 Motivational Hours Starter Kit provides you with the ‘STRONG WHY‘ to joining this movement and why becoming intentional about the way you market in your business is so important. 

Discover how each of the FOUR AREAS of content requires ‘motivation’ to turn your target market into RECURRING clients is how you quickly add motivation in any of the areas of content can help you reach the goal of 1,000 motivational hours faster than you think! 

1000 Motivational Hours Challenge includes FIVE training that walks you through my Intention Framework coupled with my Motivational Framework so you can become a C.L.I.P. entrepreneur (don’t worry, you’ll understand what that means inside the challenge!) and discover the FOUR areas where you’ll want to create motivational content to build your coaching business.  

1000 Motivational Hours For High-Ticket Coaches Facebook Community provides you connections with like-minded high-ticket coaches (or those who have the desire to be one) who are striving to be consistent in their intentions of motivational hours for their content.

Discover exclusive challenges and training to keep you inspired in your intentions and ideas of how to fill those 1,000 hours with motivational marketing.  

The 1000 Motivational Hours Tracker includes 1,000 shapes to color for each motivational hour of content creation. 

Designed to give a visual understanding of how your content should dominate in the mind of your target market through content that moves them forward one piece at a time. 

And It’s Absolutely Free To Join!


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