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1000 Motivational Hours Starter Kit walks you through HOW you should be spending as little as THREE hours a day to motivate your target market to become your NEXT transformed client. The starter kits outlines WHY you need to be creating strategic content to be noticed, WHAT you should be creating content for, and like the name suggests, gets you started on creating content that will motivate progress!

1000 Motivational Hours Challenges is a 5 steps training that takes you one step further than the starter kit to give your further direction on WHAT you should be doing and WHY it matters most as the NEW way of converting your target market into transformed clients. 

1000 Motivational Hours Tracker gives you a fun way to track your hours of intentions to motivate the mind of your target market. 

We all need motivation to start something new or to persevere through something difficult. 

That’s why I’ve created 1000 Motivational Hours for High-Ticket Coaches … to gather like-minded coaches together online to generate momentum together. 

But momentum requires movement makers to get things going and to keep them going.  

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