Awesome! Get Ready To Become a Legendary Coach!

You’re in for an EXPERIENCE you won’t ever forget & will be so excited you said “YES!”

I’ve Got You EVERY STEP Of the Way…

Step One: Within 72 hours, you’ll have access to your OWN lifetime hub. Be watching for a WELCOME email so you can create your account and log into it.

Step Two: You’ll set up our PRIVATE Voxer channel with directions inside your hub. 

Step Three: Choose Your Coaching Sessions Day & Time From Availability (This will be your standing session time)

Step Four: Each Stage Workbooks will be added to your hub 24 hours PRIOR to your scheduled session. 

I can’t wait to see what we plan, design, and launch TOGETHER and celebrate your success along the way! 

Talk soon!
Dollie – YOUR Legendary Coach